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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mum's Post: Festival at Mia's school

Mia began attending public school this year in April.

Here's a goodbye photo from her class at Toneri shogakko, courtesy of Mia herself.

We have since moved, and she started attending a new public school, Hananoi Shogakko.
Mia's new school held a festival for students and parents. Each grade had 2 or 3 "stalls" with activities to participate in.

Mia was chosen to man a stall in her classroom. You could chose flowers, crush them, add water, and paint pictures. Behind her is a painting by a famous artist done in the same method.

The 1st graders had gone crayfish hunting earlier in the week and brought back hundreds of crayfish who were eagerly waiting to be caught by little tykes such as Amelie. She loved this and caught 4 by herself. Chia was not so brave and a little scared off by them.

A simple "colour, glue, tape" activity by the 2nd grade. Again Chia was too shy to try, but Amelie boldly charged in and got to work.

Nothing could stop Chia from digging in the sand! There were lots of pretty painted shells hidden inside the sandbox.

She also managed to get several origami hearts created for her.
It was a long, hot, sticky day, but we were in early and out early enough to go visit some friends afterwards. Fun stuff!

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