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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mum's Post: Pika Pika no Ichinensei

Here's Mia off to her first day of school. She's a "pika pika ichinensei", which is something often said about first graders and it means "bright and shiny first graders". Note the excited little sister running behind who couldn't stop asking "When I'm 6 years old can I go to school too?".

At the entrance (her hat didn't sit properly due to the "twisty buns" she wanted in her hair.)

T under the sakura after dropping Mia off.

Waiting to pick up big sister

Can I go too?

Me too!


our family said...

Oh how exciting! And your daughters are gorgeous!

Babylove said...

aww...that's so cute...everyone wants to go. ha

Kari said...

Heh, txs ladies.

It's great for learning Japanese language & culture (they even have etiquette & culture lessons) but scholastically they leave a lot to be desired, at least at 1st grade level.
Mia does hiragana (equivalent to "abcs"), counting from one to ten, & line tracing at public school. The kind of stuff you'd do with a 2yr old. :P

SerenaRose said...

Oh your pg...congratulations!!! may you have a son :)