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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Princesses: Birthday Party!

We drove and drove and drove and went to a park, then we ate lunch and RAN to the car 'cos there was a BIG storm! It was so exciting! Then we went to the gym, and after we came home we played games, had a birthday party, watched Shaun the Sheep and played more games. Then we ate dinner and drove and drove home.
Mercy took lots of photos and you can see them here.

Bonus: how many times can you spot Ashely & Mia next to each other in the photos?

These 4 were born within a week of each other. As you can see, Amelie was the only one not thrilled with being the center of attention.

1 comment:

Babylove said...

Poor Amile! Hey, doesn't Patty look so cute in shorty shorts? LOL!