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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mum's post: Keeping Memories

I joined this fantastic site a while back. Sadly, most of the tips on saving money are for those living in Australia or New Zealand, however I they do have some that are applicable no matter where you live.
The lady who started it calls herself "Miser Extraordinaire" which I think is great. It's interesting to see how many of the "money saving" tips on this site are things I'd grown up with and do without a second thought. Good going mum & dad!

Anyways, the reason I'm posting about it is cos of these tips which I love and hope to start on. Can you believe I haven't done this for ANY of my girls? Ah well, better late than never ay!

All these tips are taken from their newsletter :-)

...and Kirsty Bishop asked last month:

"Being kept busy having had three children quite close together, I have never got around to putting together a memory box as such for them (yes I know, very slack of me!). I am looking for ideas and information on what I should put in there and also where to find info from the previous birth dates without having to spend a lot of money."

It appears it's never too late to create a box of memories. We received some terrific ideas about how to create and keep wonderful nostalgia for future generations.

Look in your money tin for year of birth coins

You don't need to buy expensive coin sets to commemorate your baby's birth date. If you keep a money tin like I do, just sift through the coins and find ones with the year your baby was born. It has been really easy to collect coins this way and put away in memory boxes.

Contributed by: Mandy Robinson

Memories for 80 cents

For just $0.80c I can display a whole year's worth of memories for my two children. I purchase display folders in bulk for $0.40c each, label the spine with the year and display school photos, certificates and so on inside. My children love looking at them and the information is easily accessed if needed.

Contributed by: Hali Ferguson

Source important date information from libraries

It is easy to find information for your children's memory boxes at your local library in the newspaper archives. Photocopy the front page of the newspaper for information on the important days. Another thing I do is keep a pile of my children's drawings and staple them into a book for their memory boxes. It is an inexpensive memory for them to keep and it also keeps down the clutter in the house.

Contributed by: Lisa Crooks

A life of memories in a box

When I was growing up, my mother would capture memories using my school pictures. She would ask me to write a little about myself on a giant envelope; things like my age, my best friend (at the time), what grade I was in, my teachers' names, what I wanted to do when I grew up, and other cute things you ask kids, and then she kept one of my school pictures in that envelope. When I turned 21 she gave me a box filled with these envelopes, as well as other photos and bits from when I was growing up and now I have a great memory box of my life. I can even see my own handwriting at every stage and see all the different careers I had in mind (vet, horse trainer, teacher - the usual little girl stuff) and I still laugh about how many 'best friends' I had over the years.

Contributed by: Mia Lyman

Simple items make good memories

Collect simple things for your children to remember and make memory boxes that will last forever:

  • Special photos, birthday/Christmas/christening cards, foldable art work (or photos of special work), mementos from hospital, commemorative birth certificate and so on can be placed in scrap books or display folders.
  • Coins and stamps released in the year of their birth.
  • Newspapers published on the day of their birth. Contact the local newspaper and ask for a back issue or visit the library. You may find one online, even if it is only the front page.
  • Report cards, certificates and medals.
  • Written letters, diary notes, thoughts of special days or memories that you have.
  • A list of your aspirations for your child, for example, what you wish for them in their lives.
  • Teeth given to you from the tooth fairy, a lock of hair.
  • A piece of jewellery, for example, a charm.
  • A favourite small toy that they loved when little.
  • Treasures - that beautiful shell that was picked up on the holiday at the beach, the odd shaped stick, the rock that sparkles in the sun.

Contributed by: Angela Cabellero

Nappy boxes hold precious memories

My children each have their own treasure boxes for their precious memories. I found I had little bits of memorabilia for each child scattered throughout the house and never knew where to put it all. I got four empty nappy boxes, printed up A4 name labels and the kids decorated their own box. These boxes are kept out of reach at the top of the cupboard and I can quickly put anything we want to keep straight into them. It can be sorted and refined at any time down the track if it gets too full. Things I put in there include birthday cards, a few paintings or drawings, trinkets, birth certificates, one or two special dresses, shoes or outfit and a special toy that they have since grown out of. The kids love it when we get them down and look through them.

Contributed by: Julia Bellato

Never too late

It's never too late to start a memory box for your child. If you kept baby clothes, keep one favourite garment or just the buttons from cardigans; newspapers from the day of birth, a favourite toy, cards and photos from special days, baby books from the clinic and so on. For a girl you could take a photo once a year at the same spot, dressed in a 'grown ups' dress. After about 15 years the dress will actually fit and you have a nice memento to frame.

Contributed by: Annie Palfrey

Use the Internet to collect memory box ideas

You can find great ideas for memory boxes on the Internet. DIY Network and Baby Crazy show you how to make your own.

For information from previous birth dates without having to spend money, the Internet is a great resource. You can find free, useful links such as these:

On This Day

School Libraries Online resources page

Contributed by: Deborah Bishop

Keep a journal of memories

Preserve your memories for free by writing them down. In generations to come even the most mundane jottings will be a source of free and amusing entertainment for the younger branches of your family tree. You can even record details about objects that you put in your memory box, for example, where/who they came from and why they are special. Photos are another great way to preserve memories, just remember to date everything.

Contributed by: Tara Semple

Bottomless boxes of memories

Create a treasure trove of memories for your child with little outlay and in next to no time. I decided to make memory boxes for each of my four children and bought a set of large cardboard boxes with lids from Ikea. The boxes sit on top of their wardrobes and I throw in whatever I think will be a nice future memory - trinkets collected from holidays, hand-made Mother's and Father's Day cards, drawings, school awards, outgrown toys and so on. I write information on the back (such as the date and child's age) or I put items into a plastic bag with a note. I started this system when my 10 year old was in pre-school and have yet to fill a box - they seem to be bottomless.

Contributed by: Liz Kemmler

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

On daddy's birthday we had so much fun. We all slept in till 9am

We had a delicious pancake breakfast (daddy cooked)

He read us stories... later we went shopping and for a drive in the van.

Later, we watched "Barbie: The12 Dancing Princesses" with daddy while mummy cooked some of daddy's favourite food. Mia set the tables, and Chia refrained from eating until we were all seated:

and daddy made us delicious ice cream & strawberry sundaes

Thank you daddy, we love you!

Amelie was very hungry!

Daddy makes delicious desserts. We love you daddy. You're the best daddy in the whole world!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I love you daddy! You're the best! I like it when you talk and play with me, and the thing I like the most is when you spend time with me, like reading and going places with me.
Love Mia.

I love you! I want to show you love! I love you Daddy! I love you Daddy! And I just want you, you're my favorite daddy!
Love Chia

I love you too! Thank you for always feeding me and playing grrr... bahh with me.

Love Amelie