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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Princess Chia: Mia and Akira I LOVE YOU!

I love Mia Akira and I loved your wedding. You are so special and I love to be there with you and watch them. I laughed and played, and I love you so cheerfully. It makes me happy, a little bit of heaven on earth. I love you so much!

Here we are. I want to skip this part.

Pretty Mia and her friends.

This is Tomoki & Flame and they are married! They will have a wedding later, I want to be their flower girl.

I got married, YES, I got married to the bridegroom. I'm the little bride! Ohh, look at me! There we are. (Big grin and too happy to speak)

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Princesses: The Osembei Factory

Mia: A couple weeks ago we went to a place where they make sembei's. I really like to see it, but it was really, REALLY HOT! So I tried to stay away from it. It was fun to watch. I watched the man show us a video of how they make sembei's. He showed me how much shoyu to put on. I ate half with Yuya because there wasn't enough for one each. I thought it was so much fun.

Chia says: I liked watching it and I want to go too! Jesus loves you! (begins dancing)

Mia: I saw how they flipped in the video, it was so funny because it kept flipping when the other ones were flipping in pans. (Demonstrates the flipping sembei's with hand motions)
Well, thats all I have to say for now. Thanks to the Osembei man for telling us how to make it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Princess Mia: Oh, Hi

Oh hi there our loved ones,
we were sleeping together and Amelie was holding me. I think Oh, it's pretty neat huh?

We were going on the sled. I thought it was scary at first but then after that I'm not scared any more and Chia isn't scared. Chia wasn't scared the first time. Ok, thats all for that one.

These are pictures of me and Chia riding on the sled, it was really fun! Chia and I thought it was fun, so it all
worked out in the end.

Toneri-koen is finished now and the sakura is out. It's so beautiful and the park is so, so, so big now. Come and visit us and we can see it together!
I love you, bye-bye!