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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Princess Mia: the BEST baby

This is the cutest baby! The other ones are cute too but this one is the BEST because she smiles. -Mia Nichelle

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Princess Mia: Sooooooo much fun!

My friends came to visit and we went to Traffic Park. I like the Flying Fox BEST and we ran so, so much!
Bye bye.

Princess Chia: What a day!

Another great day. I fell down thrice, pulled out my hair baubbles, tried drinking from the start switch on a bumper car, crashed the bumper car twice, insisted that "I can do it!" when mum tried to help, ran around everywhere, sat on the swing, and finally, fell asleep in mum's arms. It was a great day.
PS- thank you Oli, Lily, Mike and Aich for visiting!

The Princesses: Good Bye Daddy! Part 2

Drinking... and drinking...

Funny faces!

I made Chia happy!

I love feeling the wind on my face.

The Princesses: Good Bye Daddy! Part 1

We ate lots of yummy food... and drank SO MUCH juice!

Then we took photos with Daddy 'cos he's going away for 42 days. We counted. We love you daddy.

Photo by Mia (see her?)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Princess Chia: All alone on Family Day

Mia went to visit our Great Grandparents for a few days with Obachan & Ojichan so I had Mummy & Daddy all to myself... with Amelie. I rode my scooter to the park, ran around, picked flowers, then crashed out while watching my favourite Treasure Attic at home.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mum's post: Summer time girls

I loooooooove these photos! Take note of the twig held in those chubby hands... Summer is on the way -at last!

The Princesses: Visiting our friends!

On Family Day we visited our friends house. All the girls played with dollies, Chia wrestled with mummy

...and then we went gardening. After dinner we all had a bath and it was lots of fun.

The Princesses: Children's Day

Mia pretty as can be

We dressed up and had a party and played games and ate ICECREAM!

The Three Sisters

Just chillin' together.