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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Princesses: been too busy to update!

Hi everyone,
We wanted to let all our fans know that we've been far too busy having fun update the blog this summer, well that and mum was gone for a few weeks so we spent lots of quality time with daddy. He doesn't like blogging though, so now that she's back we've asked her to help us out again. When she came home we celebrated! Here are some photos. Bye bye!

Daddy is so handsome!

Dawn and Chia. Dawn is the best teacher in the whole world!

All of us.

Mum's post: The Sunbeam Club

In September we started a kiddie club called "Sunbeam Club". It's full of games, snacks, dancing, fun and a simple English class to boot. We even have a theme song complete with actions!
Here's Mia & Chia with the other dancers:

Here they are participating in the activities etc.

Below is the flyer for November. Come join us if you like!

-P.S. all the above photos were taken with a keitai :)