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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Birthday Party.

Check out Mia's cake (small one with peaches on it) She decorated it herself. :)

This was the winning cake.

This was the coolest and most original cake. A monster!

Pink or blue, any shades will do.

Mum thought she took a good pic of me (left) then big sister took the one on the right and I reckon it's the best!

Spring and Rain

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Goodbye Princess, Hello Soldier.

So, Mia has decided that she's a soldier now... wow. I think it stems from last week.

We had a Bible character dress up the other night and Mia was talking about it the whole day. She'd decided that she'd be Mary & Jun-kun (6 yrs old) would be Joseph. As it turned out Jun-kun had other plans (David) and Mia wasn't about to be Goliath so I suggested Miriam, the little girl Jesus raised from the dead, Queen Esther, Ruth and more, but no, she wanted to be Joshua. Well, that wasn't gunna happen as someone else had taken him, so after looking through every picture Bible we have -TWICE, she finally settled on Deborah.

This was not the Deborah that most books picture of a demure looking woman prophesying with her hands in the air mind you. It was a warrior Deborah, complete with helmet & spear charging at the head of her troops into the fray.

We found a stainless steel bown that worked for the helmet, one of Daddy's T-shirts made a

Chia was Zacchaeus seeing as she's so small and almost walking.

After all that, can you believe it, I forgot to take pictures!

It was a lotta fun and they enjoyed themselves a whole lot. Chia even laughed when she saw herself with a beard.



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