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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Princesses: Bye-bye!

We're moving today and won't be back online for a few weeks.
Leave a comment to let us know you'll miss us!

You can see a few pix of our goodbye party here. We'd post more if we had time, but we don't today. The theme was princesses, princes, and mummy was the EVIL stepmother but she was too pretty and couldn't stop smiling. They're not supposed to smile.
Honk, honk - that's the van! Gotta go!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Princesses: Birthday Party!

We drove and drove and drove and went to a park, then we ate lunch and RAN to the car 'cos there was a BIG storm! It was so exciting! Then we went to the gym, and after we came home we played games, had a birthday party, watched Shaun the Sheep and played more games. Then we ate dinner and drove and drove home.
Mercy took lots of photos and you can see them here.

Bonus: how many times can you spot Ashely & Mia next to each other in the photos?

These 4 were born within a week of each other. As you can see, Amelie was the only one not thrilled with being the center of attention.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mum's Post: Pika Pika no Ichinensei

Here's Mia off to her first day of school. She's a "pika pika ichinensei", which is something often said about first graders and it means "bright and shiny first graders". Note the excited little sister running behind who couldn't stop asking "When I'm 6 years old can I go to school too?".

At the entrance (her hat didn't sit properly due to the "twisty buns" she wanted in her hair.)

T under the sakura after dropping Mia off.

Waiting to pick up big sister

Can I go too?

Me too!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Princess Mia & mum: My nyuugakushiki

We have't posted for a while 'cos we were busy preparing for Mia's entrance to public school. She will be attending for the month of April.

On Monday I went to my nyuugakushiki at Toneri shogakko. We dressed up and sat there for a long time while some people talked.

The Gym

Slippers only! Everyone has to bring slippers and change into them in the genkan

A cute little girl

First graders lining up

Here they come!

I came through

All the parents are watching and clicking away with their cameras

We walked all the way to the front

The 2nd graders sang us a song

The principle talked to us
The ceremony started at 1:00pm and ended at 3:00 pm. The 1st graders had to stay most of the time and they did pretty good.

Here is my sensei (teacher) leading our class out to our classroom.

This boy is in my class

There were so many parents and kids the classroom was full! It was hard to get inside.

See? It was SO full!

This was on the wall outside my classroom. Isn't it cute? I want to make one.

I got my new, hat, books and lots of papers for mummy & daddy.

There is my teacher showing us how to raise our hands when we say "hai" (yes). She is very sweet.

Waiting around for our class photo. I'm the tallest in the 1st grade, so I always stand at the back of the lines.

Lining up for our photo.

I took this photo of mummy & daddy. Isn't he handsome!

Do you like my curls?

We took a photo in front of the school

It was so pretty because of the sakura

Then some of our friends joined us. The lady in the white suit is Yasuko & the boy next to her is Koga. They are our friends and we visit them and play with them. I like to play with them, she is so, so, so, so funny and it's lots of fun to play with them. The 4 girls in the front are all the same age & they are in 6th grade.
(Mum: We've known Yasuko for a few years and when I asked her what one should wear to a nyuugakushiki she explained in detail, showed me her suit and then when she heard I didn't yet have something to wear, insisted that I borrow one of hers, right down to the pearl jewelry. So very kind of her.)

Next post: Pika pika no ichinensei

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Princess Chia: My style

I found clothes to suit my personality!
Mum asked me to pose for a photo cos she thought I looked just right for how I act.
As you can see the photos didn't turn out so clear, but she wants to post them anyways.
Here I am posing:

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mum's Post: Hair!

I stumbled upon a great hairstyle blog for little girls & tried out a few of the up-dos for Amelie's birthday.
If you're hopeless at hair styling like me, or just want new ideas check it out!

And the proud princesses with frizzy hair after they took it out! :P