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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Princesses: Bye-bye!

We're moving today and won't be back online for a few weeks.
Leave a comment to let us know you'll miss us!

You can see a few pix of our goodbye party here. We'd post more if we had time, but we don't today. The theme was princesses, princes, and mummy was the EVIL stepmother but she was too pretty and couldn't stop smiling. They're not supposed to smile.
Honk, honk - that's the van! Gotta go!


SerenaRose said...

moving where, can't wait till your back I check your blog all the time xxx hope you are feeling OK lots of love

Kari said...

Oops, sorry I haven't check the comments for ages... we moved to another area & hope to be posting regularly again now. Well, when I have time :)