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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mum's post: Bedtime stories

Two of the girls current favourite stories are: "Snake Alley Band"

...and "Ten Out of Bed".
I think this photo shows how cherished it is.
There was a time when I read these books no less than 3x a day to the youngest two.


That's what the Snake Alley Band says! "They hissed: Shhh Shhh Shhh. They bopped their tails: BOOM BOOM BOOM. Shhh-BOOM Shhh-BOOM Shhh-BOOM."
Here is a picture by Chia of her and the star of "Snake Alley Band". Sadly his body was partially erased before this shot.

Chia is very enthusiastic about this book. She memorised it quickly and quotes it to Amelie who is eagar to Shhh-BOOM with her big sister. Some time ago T had one of those toy rubber snakes that accompanied her everywhere -and I do mean everywhere! Pandita (as she was named) lived a happy little snake life for several months until she was stretched too far and snapped in half.

Daddy and Pandita, may she rest in peace. :)

Come on and Shhh-BOOM with me! :-P

1 comment:

Hiki said...

ha ha ha ha! That pic of iven with the snake through his ears looks almost real!