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Monday, January 05, 2009

Mum's post: Drawing and reading

If you want hours of fun, give your kids a large cardboard box. Sadly, this one only lasted 30 minutes before being demolished.

Chia loves drawing and goes through paper like anything, so she's started to use the whiteboard instead. These are the first men she drew -there's usually many princesses in puffy dresses, so I thought it was worth recording.

"You can't make me smile!"

Chia has times when she won't look at the camera, or won't smile, or hold still... any number of reasons and excuses to create bad photos. She does like looking at herself afterward though and will be quite sad if she looks less than Princess like.

(The occasion for this posed photo shoot was to celebrate completeing book 1 of the "Meg and Tommy" reader series. She's now up to book 4 but the photo part of the celebration has been put on hold for a while)

"I AM smiling!"

We call this one the peasant smile.

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