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Friday, January 09, 2009

Mum's post: Crafty stuff

Our camera has been in hiding since Christmas (it's probably hidden somewhere in the wrapping paper and gift box pile that I desperately need to sort through) so I've been posting a lot of old stuff.

Here's an alternative thank you card/book or memento for someone(s) special that is sure to get rave reviews!
You'll need several sheets of coloured card stock folded together to make a booklet, cut 2 holes about 3 cm apart in the center, thread with a string, & tie together. We print out photos and each person gets one page to decorate themselves, with things from the craft box (i.e: large box of junk that mum collects for crafting), then we collaborate on the others.
We've made several of these, however, I forgot to photograph the rest of them... too bad!

As you can see, Amelie is mad about cutting and gluing, Chia is mad about sequins, feathers, and all things girlie, and Mia did a fantastic job with front page. They each did their own page, with minimal help, after all, it's their creation.

This one is an alternative thank you card we collaborated on for Yoko, Chia & Amelie's P.E teacher, 'cos she puts up with a lot. Their P.E slot is right after their afternoon nap and Chia has gotta be one of the crankiest kids ever when she wakes up.


SerenaRose said...

so cute and very good idea, we should do this for my mum and dad

Kari said...

Glad to see someone likes the idea. :)

Anonymous said...

AAAAWWWWW....Yes. I was so touched. Thank you Kari. I DO love your kids...even when they're naughty I love them deep down.

Aich said...

Such cute ideas, Kari! You're such a crafty mama.

Mia, Chia, and Amelie said...

Ha ha thank you thank you