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Friday, December 08, 2006

Princess Mia: I really do love you

I love the new baby. (Sings:) I really love you! I really love you! I really love you! I really love you! And I really do love you!

Sweet little baby. I will call you Rose! (mum says... hmmmmm... we will NOT name her Rose!)

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jess said...

Sorry, I missed the memo.. did you have a baby?? Such a cute comment from Mia.

The Princesses said...

Oh no, I'm 6 months pregnant, and it's a girl. We took Mia to the check up and ust found out that it's a girl. Mia was really hoping for a boy, and was a little dissapointed at first, but afterwards she kept talking about how much she loves the little baby and is now looking forward to the day when the 3 of them will all be dressed in matching clothes and dancing together. :)

kenfrog said...

To Mia:qwertyasdfjkl