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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Princess Mia: Christmas Eve Shows, Part 2: The King and his Knights.

(Mum writes:) This is the second show we did on Christmas Eve.
Chia actually danced this time and enjoyed the attention.

Here is Nozomi , Mia, & Jun-kun dancing together to "Christmas Candle". After the show they went around and shook hands with everyone.

The older kids (ages 8-12) did a play of "The Three Empty Sacks".
Here is Mia's version of the play:

The King and his Knights. As told by Mia (4 1/2 yrs old)

I'm going to talk about that today. Ok. Ready? Are you ready? Ok!

One day a King was sitting on a chair. Then Sir Henry came and he took out his sword. Then another knight came and said "The King wants to talk to you." "Yes I will be there."
Suddenly a little man was there. Sir Henry said "Give me your money!"
The little man said "Please don't hurt me, I will give you my money if you don't hurt me." Then he took his money away from him. The little man was sad, he didn't have money.
Another knight came (Sir Gregory) he said "I will give you these worms if you give me your coat and scarf." "But don't!" But he was hungry and thirsty and so, so cold.
Then another knight (Sir James) came and saw him he said "What happened?"
Little man: "Oh please don't hurt me, I'm so hungry!"
Sir James: "Oh wait a second, I'll get some bread and all that you need" and then Sir James went to get food for this poor little man. Then he got it for the little man. "Oh thank you!" "Here you can eat this all day" and then he saw the King.
The King said "Let me see your bags."
Sir Henry: "Oh King, you are good. I went and got this guys money and I have a full bag to give to you"
King: "OK, Gregory, let me see your bag" "Oh King, I had a chance and didn't give these worms to a poor man, and took his scarf and coat."
King: "James, can I see your bag?"
Sir James: "Oh it's dirty and empty"
King: "WHAT! Thats not what I wanted!"
Sir James:"Everyday I went to the poor and sick people and gave them food. Thats why my bag is empty."
King: "Henry, you are good at making money, but if you be King, your people will be afraid then you can't be King. Gregory, you are good at making clothes, but if you be King your people will be really sad. James, you are kind, if you be King the people will be happy. If I die, you will be King, so I will give you my King hat."
After the King died Sir James became King. Everyone was happy, they learnt their lesson.
The End.

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