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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Princess Mia: Christmas Eve Shows, Part 1

(Mum wrote this one cos Mia says she's busy!)
Photo 1) Here's the whole gang lined up for introductions. L-R: Matsu Ai (12), Chibs (9), Akari (9), Yuya (12), Non-chan (8), Mia (4), Jun-kun (8), & MC June-san.
Photo 2) Singing and dancing to Feliz Navidad

Photo's 3 & 4) Nozomi (8), Mia (4) & Jun (8) dance to "Christmas Candle"

Photo 5) Chia (1 1/2) & Mia dance and sing "I'd like to be a Christmas Tree"
Photo 6) Singing carols

Photo 7 & 8) Daddy making balloons and Mia helping to pass them out

Photo 9) Chia on the sidelines dancing to a song

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