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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Princesses: Disney on Ice Princess Dream

One family day daddy stayed home with Amelie and us girls went to see Disney on Ice: "Princess Dream" with our friends.
Jesus told somebody to give us tickets and we had so much fun!

Finding our way

Playing "princesses"

Almost there now


It was very crowded and we had to hang on to mummy so we wouldn't get lost.

It was SO BIG and nice and cold inside.

We are in front of the rink

Aladdin & Jazmine

Eric & Ariel


Mulan is now a princess?

Sleeping Beauty after the prince rescues her. There was a big dragon that breathed real fire and Chia jumped into mummy's lap and hid. But the prince killed the bad lady who was the dragon and she went away.

Cinderella is supposed to have a BIG puffy dress. (Chia was not pleased)

We waited so long to take photos here. There were a lot of people and it was hot.

Dreaming of princesses

Photo by Mia
A thoughtful moment

Snacks on the way home.

The End.

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