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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mum's post: Princesses dancing

Dawn sent me these great clips. Watch for Chia's princess entrance. I wonder where they got these moves from? ;-)


Kamite said...

Hey Kari! These videos are great and such great moves. The girls never cease to amaze me with their talent, although you will have to handle sending sad, broken hearted boys home once the girls are 16...or younger! haha!
Whoa! Watch out!

Anonymous said...

Such darlings... Mias quite on beat at parts too for such a young girl...sigh, to think I slept through the whole thing! (DAWN!!!)


Babylove said...

These are gret clips. Tia dances so "old school". Watched it w/ the kids...so much fun. She looks great in Travis' old shirt. Such a cutie tomboy!! Course Mia looks like such a pro too. XX love you .

Florence said...

How on earth is the sweet man on the bed managing to look so serene throughout all the ruckus?

Kari said...

They're inspired by your example!
Al, isn't Chia a scream? I love the "Sleeping Beauty" entrance.
Josh, drop by anytime.