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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Princesses: Dawn and Yasu's Wedding, Part 1

We went far far away to Dawn and Yasu's wedding. This is how we got there.

Bye bye bride & groom -see you soon!

We're off! Do you see the police car up the front? Its the one with red lights on top. It was driving at the right speed and no one would pass it.

See? Lots of cars were lined up behind the police car, but no one was in front of it.

After a long time the police drove off and we could drive faster!

Daddy is the best driver, he is so safe and drives carefully -not at the edge of the cliff.

The drive was very long and mummy took lots of photos cos she was bored. My little sisters slept, but I stayed awake and took photos with mummy.

The roads were straight

There are lots of mountains

Look at mummy's toes! She wants to run on the road. :)

Daddy drove and drove

Here comes the tunnels


The clouds were touching the mountians

That's what we say when we go through tunnels.

We're driving into the clouds now!
Ready, set...


Someone cut this mountain to make sand. It doesn't look like a mountain any more.

Now there are lots of rice paddies

Almost there!

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