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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Princesses: Thank You Nani!

We got the birthday pressies and we were SO EXCITED to open them! Here are some videos we made for you:

P.S. Mia was at school and she will make a video later, but she loves the books and she finished them both already!


suzan said...

thanks for the wonderful glimpse of our beautiful grandaughters! Lovely to see how they are growing ! Chia is so tall now! looks like the clothes arrived just in time so they can get some wear out of them before they outgrow them!! AMALIE IS TALKING SO CLEARLY AND Alisa is so cute and walking! Not pudgy just solid!!!
You re both doing a wonderful job!
Do you have enough access to english books for the girls??

suzan said...

looking forward to seeing you too Mia via video!
Wish I could download ours so you could see them!! xoxoxo! Pls pray I can!