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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mum's post: Printable positive behavour charts

If you're as tired of hearing the sound of your voice reminding (ok, nagging) your kids to do everyday things (like wipe & wash hands after going toilet?) then this site might be what you need.I think its a great idea. There are charts-a-plenty out there, but pictures are great for those who don't read yet, and more fun to look at than just words for those who can read.

Check out Go Mummy Go for customizable & ready made charts


Dawn said...

Great site! Thanks for posting it.

I recently started using charts and stickers for teaching Kiyona reading, and she loves it.
So I'm sure these behavior charts will be a big hit with her and provide more incentive than my nagging:P

Kari said...

Hurray! Yup, stickers are so fun for little girlies. :)