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Friday, October 16, 2009

Princess Mia: The baby has been born!

Hi, I hope you will have fun as you will read this. This is Mia talking.

Here is Mommy and she got the baby out -WOW!
"Oh dear -help!", I was
going to say but all that came out of my mouth was "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" then it was so so so so wow!

and I held the baby. Oh you should have seen her!

Here I am with the doctor.
I do know that you will be happy

I love her so much! I did think that it will be a boy but a girl is much better for me -ha!

Hi but this is me ha! Have fun.

Here is Nanni holding the baby. She came from Australia to see the baby being born.

Me, Daddy, baby, and mummy.

Amelie showing how happy she is.

Chia, baby and mum

Me (kiss) I love to do that

dad and mom

[kiss] mom dad and baby

The end
by Mia

P.S. by mum:
Alisa Oceana was born on October 9th at 10:56am, exactly one week overdue.
Weight: 3834 gm
Length: 52 cm

Mia attended the delivery along with my mum (Nanni) & of course daddy. Daddy drove safely the whole way & even coached me on my breathing even though I got to the point where I wished he'd use his horn, run red lights and do some fancy driving.
I was rushed up to the delivery ward on a stretcher & baby was born about 5 mins after arriving at the hospital. Mia said: "I was worried because I thought the baby was going to come out there (in the car)!"

Daddy and the girls came to visit and the girls were so happy they sang as they left the building!


Dawnie said...

She's sooooo adorable!
Great job choosing the names, Kari! I love'm.
Can't wait to see her. Congratulations.

Babylove said...

Wowwie! What great pictures! And what a pretty lady. Just can't beat those libra Alisas. Wink wink!!

SerenaRose said...

Wow Kari Congratulations!!! that was fast delivery...awesome love you hope you recover well xoxox

our family said...


Lei said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yes, a Libra lady for Navi!! (I always knew you wanted one...snicker) Kari you look just fine by me!! Alisa, you're a beauty too...To Ivan, again: Watch out! Repeat after me: 'I am a might hunter with a quiver full of arrows.'

Joanna said...

congrats you two! Well done!