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Monday, October 05, 2009

Princess Chia: My Bunny Ears craft!

Hi this is how to make bunny ears!

Step 1: Gather your materials. First you need toilet paper rolls, newspaper, PINK paint, glue, tissue and bobby pins.

Step 2: Cut your toilet paper roll in half and shape them into ears. (sorry, no photo)

Step 3: Paint them PINK!

Step 4: Put glue on the inside of the bunny ears.

Step 5: Rip up the tissue

Step 6: roll the tissue into balls and put it in the bunny ears.

Step 7: Let them dry

Step 8: Get a grown up to cut two little holes in each ear like this:

Step 9: Get a grown up to put the bobby pins in the ears and in your hair like this:

Step 10: Pose with your Bunny Ears! You're all done!
The end.
Craft by Chia.

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