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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Princesses: Toneri Shogako Undokai

We went to Mia's old school for their Undokai & to see our friends. We had yummy obentos, ate icecreams & snacks and watched the whole school.
An undokai is a sports day. This site has a fairly good explanation & photos, however, they seem to be most often held in spring or autumn.

We also got to see cuttie-pie Kiyopi! Amelie was happy to spend time with her.

It was so long, so Chia & Amelie kept busy by playing with dolls.

And then it started to RAIN and POUR and we had to HIDE under the mat! We got all wet and it was so fun!

The 6th graders were last and they didn't stop even though it was raining!

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