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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Happy Birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Amelie!
Happy Birthday to you~!

We had such a fun day.
Mia helped make the cake & Amelie helped with prepping it. She likes "Pooh Bear" so we made her a Pooh.

Singing the birthday song (what a serious face!)

Seriously blowing out those candles.
After she blew out them out we asked her "What is that Amelie?" as she'd been asking for a "Pooh Bear" cake. She grabbed the tray with both hands a yelled "MINE!".

Tucking in

Mum started to cut it (she was talking to Nanni)

So daddy took over

We had a nice little celebration with a few friends (look closely, you can see extra plates & a hand!) , during which Chia talked non-stop about what would happen on her birthday "tomorrow"

Love at first sight

So happy with her presents.

Pooh before he was sliced & served.


SerenaRose said...

that is a very cute cake

Kari said...

Thank you. It was the easiest "Pooh" cake I could think of. :)