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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Princess Amelie: Happy Birthday Mia!

We went to visit some friends on Mia's birthday. The plan was to go to a park, picnic, play, watch the daddies play soccer and then go swimming! But on the way there... it poured bucketfuls and more bucketfuls, and soon we could have swam in the mud puddles, if only mum would let me. Sigh!

Daddy put the seats down in the van and we had an in-van picnic with a whole bunch of us. This is my friend Katie we were born a few days apart in the same hospital!

Fifteen kids in the van!

Mia & Chia having fun. Chia was on here for a loooooong time and by the time mum got the camera she was tired. :)

It stopped raining so we put on our swimmers and played on the Astroturf. Mia is playing with her girlfriends. Can you see Daddy in the photo?
Personally I didn't like feel of fake grass on my feet much. The mud was soothing and had a great squishy feeling to it. Oooh so nice!

Celebrating Mia's Birthday with 18 friends.

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