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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Princesses: Visiting with Ojichan & Obachan, Part 1

This post is long overdue, so here we go

Little bookworms

Chefs busy at play -If you look closely you will see that Chia firmly believes that all good chefs toss food from their fry pans without catching it again.

Mia & friends. -It's not every day you get to paint a house!

Princess Chia eating an apple the way she likes best

Swinging with Ojichan & Obachan (Amelie was sleeping & missed the whole thing)

Part of the huge, beautiful park we played at

Giddy up horsie!

Taking it all in: Amelie's surprised, Mia's studying, Chia's dreaming

Ready to ride

Excited and a bit dazed

Happy as can be

See her tongue sticking out? That is sheer bliss

Mia sitting tall

Chia & Obachan

Funny face girls

Family photo

The princesses on the carriage

Daddy driving through TokyoAmelie poking sleeping Mia

The End

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