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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Princesses: One cold February afternoon...

We heard some of our favourite songs and wanted to act them out. We did them all in one take, no practice. Mum propped the camera on a bookshelf, and was a funny man, a BAD wolf, and other people, Amelie was the audience & then we did our thing.

A Man, a boy, and a donkey


Wolf, Wolf!


Daddy said...

Mia and Tia you are both so cute, I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you day after tomorrow. I love you. Wonderful actresses.


The Princesses said...

i loveee yyou we are praying for you

we will be good girls for you. we will have good manners for you and we are praying for you
love Mia we love you so so so so so so so so soso so so so so much love mia amelie is being a good girl you now , we love you

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia and Chia, I was going to watch 'A Man, A Boy and A Donkey' but it wouldn't work. I watched 'Wolf, Wolf' instead. I love you! Will you come to our home? I think Mia will say yes. I think I love you. Now, I'm going to go to watch my other fun video, 'The Miracle Nightgown.' Thank you for making stories for me, I enjoy them! 3 kisses, much more than 4 kisses, Matsuoka Yuichi

Anonymous said...

I love you! I watched 'A Man, A Boy and A Donkey and I think I want to watch more! I like the part where you are dancing, Mia and Chia too. I think I want to give you a hug when you come to my home. Do you want to stay in my classroom? Or do you want to stay in Yumi's room? You can pick my room. Have a nice day! --Ray Ray

The Princesses said...

I love you Peewee! You gave me 3 kisses, I give you 10 kisses! I'm so happy that I can go to your home. We are praying for you.
Amelie really wants to see your baby brother and I do too, and Tia wants to too.
Well, I can't wait to see you! I love you so so so so so so so so so so much!
Love Mia

The Princesses said...

Good morning Peewee! I'm so glad, I love you too! I'm glad I can see you! I love you! You're a great friend in the whole wide world. I love you! Love Chia!