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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Princesses: Help

Mummy used to have a computer but it stopped working before Christmas so now she doesn’t have one and we can’t play math games or watch videos on it anymore. We would really like her to get one so we can use it too.

Mummy has been saving and almost has enough to get one but she still needs some money. Do you want to help?

(Mum:) One reason I don’t update here much is because I no longer have a computer and have been using dearest husbands when he can lend it to me. Thanks to several generous donors, have about 2/3 of the funds for a laptop.

If you could help me at all then we would be so very thankful!

You can donate by clicking here

or via TRF you can send it to “Kari’s Laptop JA068” -Laptop here we come!

1 comment:

babylove said...

Ah, Kari, join the computer-less mommy club! I'm the chairperson! We specialize in doing everything the old fashioned way. AKA. Pen & paper. Loving you! XX - AL' the pal