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Friday, October 13, 2006

Princess Mia: A Beautiful Wedding

Kenny, Yuto, Seiko, and Abe. Their wedding. A BIG wedding.

I'm not going to tell so much about it. Only one. Because I don't like to do so many pages.

I like Seiko's dress. Do you know why I like Seiko's dress? Because it's so pretty. It was so fun.

Peewee, he was so sweet.

Seiko is so beautiful and pretty.

What is Lulu doing? I don't like his face like that. I see Peewee, Nozo, Paula, Oli, Amber, Natty, Shane, Akira (little boy), Mia (the different big Mia), baby on top Shannon, Yuto, Kenny, Me, Sam & Leika, Daddy, Mummy, Gabe, Windy, Lily, Lee, and Leila.

Mummy you can write the rest.

The flower girls (taken with a keitai) and us with the Bride & Groom after too many photos.

A toast!

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