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Friday, October 20, 2006

Princess Mia: Akebono Kodomonori Koen

(Mum's notes: I had a day off while the girls went to this adorable park modeled after a popular manga. I wish I could have gone, but I need the rest and someone promised to take photos of it. Here they are. Thanks Dorcas!)

I had a lot of fun because I love to go with other friends. We had a lot of fun because I love to play stuff we never saw before. I love to be there so much because it’s my favorite park that I forever never, never ever seen before. I love going to parks. See you tomorrow. Goodbye! Thank you for your kind precious words and good tidings and that I had a lot of fun. Bye for now. I will see you later.


Mia loves Daddy and Mummy and Tia cause that’s my favourite best sister. 15 days till we see daddy.


Aichan said...

Oh, that looks fun! Where is it? I love you, Mia. I must show this blog to Keithy. He will really like it.

The Princesses said...

I have NO idea where it is... all I know is that it's about 2 hours drive away & it's a tiny little place.

I Googled it (in English) hoping to post a link to it, sadly nothing came up...