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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mum's post: Princess Amelie's "sickness"

As you may know, I have the mumps. Amelie desperately wants to be sick and tries to convince me she is on a regular basis. Its not unusuall to find her lying in my bed, covers pulled up to her chin, eyes closed, & laying perfectly still. A typical conversation concerning her health goes something like this:

Amelie: "Mummy, I'm s*it (sick)"
Me: "Oh dear! What do you have?"
Amelie, perfectly serious: "Pumps!" (mumps)
Me: "Where?"
Amelie: "In my eyes."

I usually can't keep a straight face when she tells me her chosen illness & where it is. It's always new & even if she gets the name right she'll have it in the strangest location!

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