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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Princess Mia: My undokai

Well yes as you can see I now had a undokai in September. I do not think that you can see me but on the 14pic you will see me with my freinds and I am waiting for a big ball that will come on the 18th pic .

Amelie's making a silly face

Chia being silly

We're all doing stretches (while waiting our turn to do Tamaide)


Big muscles on Uncle Tom!

Lee being a big, funny, fat, silly man!

We're dancing & laughing to the song with Amelie & Aunt Celene.

There you are, Celene, going home and Katie (mummy's second cousin)

My friend Arai-kun.

Watching & waiting our turn (or maybe already done our turn) :)

Waiting for the ball
Here it comes!

There it goes! -What a sad day.

Ahh!! Get it, get it, GET IT!

Good bye!

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