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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Princess Mia: Posing & PJs

(Typed by Mia, with a little spelling help from Mum)

Do you like how I pose? I hope you like it.

Chia is funny I think so don't you? Well if you don't it's fine -all right?

I hope you like our poses. Chia is so so so cute!
We are PJ girls. Chia is so so funny right?

Amelie is not here that is fine so. Chia is here. Funny!
Well, it is not so so funny right?

Me and Chia are so so so so so funny right?

Ha ha ha ha hip hip hey . Oh no I'm so so foolish
.Good you didn't say that well I said that .
Ha ha ha ha ha good joke I said that though if you think so it is all .
right with me.But if you don't that is all right with me .
But my sisters are getting ready for . Bed so I need to.
Eat my snack well like snack time and I need to .
Get ready for bed so good bye's kiss kiss

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