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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mum's post: Sleep overs, dressing up, cars, and candles

As these things go Mia & Chia are experiencing bloggers block, so it seems I'll have to provide the commentary for these photos. Too bad.

Chia: "I helped daddy fill up the tires with air. It made a PHSSSSSS and was so LOUD!"
Mia likes making funny faces.

The gang at breakfast posing for a decent photo

...and how they really felt about having their picture taken

Here's what you get when daddies play with the kids (so the mums can chat while watching the littlest ones) Chia played with this set up for hours.

Reading together

Paddy was all smiles until the camera came out.

Happy to be eating snack

Girlfriends goofing off at lunch

Look Kenji, you're famous! :)

Posing is serious business! Thanks for the photos!

Bees wax candle craft

Proudly showing off their candles

The finished products

We used them at dinner and they survived Amelie trying to blow them out during the meal. Thanks to all for a wonderful time. See you again soon!

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