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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Princesses: Cousins, boy cousins

A very busy week!

Daddy's brother came to visit, boy oh boy oh boy, was it fun!
We had 3 of our cousins -Ken, Yuto, and Jo- visit for a few days.

Cousin Yuto, Mummy Seiko, baby Jo, Ken, Mia with a cold, and Chia eating breaky before starting our big day.

We went to "Traffic Park" with Ojichan

Mummy with baby Jo, a happy little pudge ball. :)

Mia and Yuto rushing to fight a fire!
Uncle Abe with Ken in the background

Chia crusin' and fixin' her ride

All aboard!

Get ready...


That night we had a party for Yuto, he turned two years old!

Funny cousins making faces!

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