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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Musical

Merry Christmas Everyone!
We've been hard at work doing a Christmas Musical this month, which is one reason you haven't heard or seen anything up here yet.
Here are photos from one of the shows we did. All photos by Daddy!

Mia the fairy
Beautiful ladies (L-R: Ai, Grace, Celeste, Lixy)
The musicians
The MC's
The artist -Yoko Matsuoka

Fairy: You
Bobby (Yuya, a very good actor): ME?

Pretty dancers from a present

Rocker girls: We have a BIG gift for Jesus... Out pops Mia!!!

More gorgeous gifts for Jesus

Surprised Bobby & the end

More music, clowns, and the audience.

The last dance: This is the life, Mia is very enthusiastic about it.

And I'm very tired. Merry Christmas all & a happy New Year!


Amber Leona said...

Merry Christmas!!....fun looking pics. Love you.

jess said...

So, so cute!! Mia is so good!! Adorable!! Merry Christmas!