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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Princess Mia: I love the baby

The baby is born and I love her. It’s so funny watching her face ‘cause when she makes funny faces it makes me laugh and feel giggly. And I’m so happy that she’s born and the baby is looking for boobie. She is so cute when she is laughing at me. And it’s so fun watching the baby ‘cause I never knew that it was going to be born, but just in time Mummy had the baby. And it was the day we went to the zoo and it was so, so cute. And when she makes funny faces I make funny faces and it makes us laugh. And it’s so fun that she’s born and I love her. Bye bye for now –I need to look at the baby!


Leika said...

I like your post Mia. Your baby is so cute! Peewee says Hi and wants to see your new sister soon. He also says to come visit and we can go to the beach together. xxx

Jack said...

Congratulations, she is a very beautiful baby

SerenaRose said...

sorry the last post was me signed in wrong