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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Princess Chia: Big sister and her kite

Mia got a kite and one warm family day we went to the park to fly it. Daddy made obento for lunch and I really enjoyed the onigiris.

Mia ran and ran, then daddy ran too, but there was no wind so the kite didn't fly very high.

Mia let me have a go and I ran... but the kite didn't go up at all. It was still lots of fun and we were very tired when we came home and both took long naps.

The next day was very windy and cold so we bundled up and went to another park to try again.

This time the kite flew so high that mummy couldn't take a photo of it and Mia was so very happy cos she didn't have to run so much any more.

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