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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Princesses: Kabutomushi (aka Rhinoceros Beetle)

Some good friends gave us a Kabutomush which thrilled both princesses. Mia was really into feeding it and liked it as long as it stayed in the cage & Chia loved it out of the cage.

(this photo is taken from the internet.)

Mia is rather timid when it comes to animals, hights, fast rides... hmmm, almost anything actually. She's naturally cautious I guess.

Chia on the other hand is always raring to jump off something, slide down things, climb up them... when we went to Toshimien as soon as she saw the rides -not the kiddy rides, the scary ones that go upside down- she pointed to them and clapped her hands for please. She REALLY wanted a ride on them. She'd look at them and say "Wheeeeeeeeeeee" which is what she says on the swing.

After about 10 days it died (they have a short life span & it was near the end of it's life when we got it) and then Mia wanted to take a photo with it cos it wouldn't move and she was happy to hold it.

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