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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Princess Mia: Sakura Picnic

1. I am smiling my pretty smile.

2. Mia's not sitting properly and I stained my shirt so I was a little bit fussy. And mummy had to wash it and make it better. I forgot what time it was.

3. And then Daddy is showing Tia some dogs right there. There were dogs in the park and they were so cute. And one little dog had nice ears and he was very friendly. It was light brown and his name was Katoshi. And the boy had a puppy and he said you can pet it. It was a puppy it was 3 months old. And there was another dog living there and it was BIG and light brown like the puppy, a very nice colour and it was a black dog. There were 3 whippets they could catch when the man threw to them but they were a bit scary and I didn't like them.

4. Tia's eyes are gone.

5. Tia and mummy and me say "We love you Daddy!"

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